Why you Need to Stop Staring at Your Phone

Hey everyone, how we all doing today? Welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. I was talking to my grandpa the other day, he said he would have never guessed that the world changing invention of the past 50 years would be something that everyone carries in their pocket. Mobile phones and the data they can access has shaped our lives in countless ways, good and bad. No more are we trying to fold and unfold a confusing map so you can find some random road, and on more racking our brains remembering who played that guy on that show one time. But not everything these phones bring is so great, as scientists are now discovering. Staring at our phones can hamper our social, physical and intellectual lives. Here are some reasons to give you phone a break tonight.

staring phone bed

Eye Damage

Human’s may not have the best eyes in the animal kingdom, but our eyes are amazing nonetheless. Because of our reliance on cell phones today, we are using our long distance focus less than we ever did. I notice this every day, when I take long distance picture and I can’t focus for as long as I used to. Experts say that looking at your screen for a long period of time can be seriously damaging to your eye health, and the close the screen is the more radiation your retinal tissue absorbs.


People Don’t Like You

Likewise, using your device to much can damage your friendship as well as your eyes. A study in 2012 found that simply having a device in front of you can make people have a negative impression of us. Not only do people automatically dislike talking to you when your phone is visible, but when someone comes to talk to you when you are on your phone they are instantly feeling negative about the experience.